One simple platform
Multiple applications
Meaningful connections

Do your communities need access to off-site healthcare providers to improve care and help reduce readmission?

Help connect healthcare providers  with your community, residents, and care teams.

Are you elavating the activities and enrichment programs for your residents?

Connect your residents with our network of interesting people and amazing places.

Do you have challenges with trainings and collaboration across multiple locations?

Make communications and interactive  trainings easy and affordable.

Is it difficult for your care teams to communicate with distant families?

Allow families to attend care conferences no matter where they are.

Do your residents feel disconnected from family and show signs of social isolation and depression?

Enable residents to visit face-to-face and share important moments.

BrightLife Innovations is the leading provider of video conferencing and virtual collaboration solutions designed specifically for senior living organizations.

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Introducing EasyConnect HD

The first and only video conferencing solution designed for senior living communities.

Our EasyConnect HD platform is already changing senior communities in the areas of Activities & Engagement, Collaboration & Communication and Telehealth through enhanced communication and face-to-face connections.


Telehealth Solution

Our EasyConnect HD Telehealth solution enables senior living communities to increase access to care and bring off-site healthcare providers “into the room” without the headaches, hassles, and high cost. As a result, communities can reduce the readmission rate and provide faster care to their residents.

Collaboration & Communication Solution

Our EasyConnect HD Collaboration & Communication solution is offered as an all inclusive subscription with no equipment to purchase and no burden on your IT resources.

Activities & Engagement Solution

Our EasyConnect HD Activities & Engagement solution enables senior communities to provide virtual engagement opportunities that connect isolated residents to meaningful programming.